Diego Rivera Painter

Diego Rivera (1886-1957) was one of the Mexican muralists known as Los tres grandes who together established the Mexican Muralism Movement. His full name was Diego »

Mexican Muralism Movement

I could not resist the alliteration offered by a headline for today's blog but what has been even more exciting is reading about the Mexican Muralism »

Frida Kahlo Part Two

The launching of Frida Kahlo's career can be attributed to the Surrealist artist André Breton who arranged her first solo exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery »

Frida Kahlo Part One

I have chosen to commence the blog on Frida Kahlo with one of her paintings from nature rather than the portraits she is best known for. »

Byron Randall

I’ve decided to do the blog today on Byron Randall, the second husband of Emmy Lou Packard who was one of the artists we looked »

Patterns in Paintings

After reviewing the works of Morris Hirshfield I returned to some earlier thoughts I had on Patterns which remained unpublished on the Blog though we have »

Morris Hirshfield

The artist Morris Hirshfield was included in the Contemporary Unknown American Painters Exhibition held in 1939 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York which »

Shaker Art

We have learnt a little about the elegance of Shaker furniture and appreciated the influence its simple, elegant lines has had on furniture design. Today I »

Mother's Day

In honour of our Mothers and the immeasurable contribution they make to society I have chosen a selection of paintings representing Motherhood. The Cradle by Berthe »

Shaker Furniture

I am very interested in furniture and the history that surrounds its creation. I grew up surrounded by pieces of furniture being restored as this was »

Remarkable Artists

There are some artists who defy all the odds to produce their remarkable creative works. I am referring to artists who work without their hands or »