Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons is a very successful and prolific sculptor. Born in 1955, he is based in New York where his success in art has enabled him »

Remarkable Dogs

Rescue Dog This wonderful painting of Bob titled A Distinquished Member of The Humane Society was done by Sir Edwin Landseer in 1838. Bob, a Newfoundland »

Margaret Olley

Margaret Olley (born 24 June 1923; died 26 July 2011) was a larger than life character who dominated the art scene in Sydney for more than »

Ben Quilty and Margaret Olley

In 2011 Ben Quilty won Australia’s most prestigious prize for portraiture, The Archibald with his painting of Margaret Olley. (Source: Jane is preparing »

Ben Quilty: Education Notes

This blog is for the painters amongst the blog subscribers. These notes from the Bendigo Art Gallery give you a little more information about the technical »

Ben Quilty's Rorschach Works

The Rorschach test is commonly known as the Ink Blot test- a psychological test used to assess a person’s personality characteristics and emotional functioning. I’ »