Embracing Our Differences

DownUnder we celebrate Christmas in a very multicultural way where religions and ethnic backgrounds of all persuasions gather in the rich mix of a community get »


This week has been very wet and quite cool DownUnder in Melbourne so time to send our Northern Cousins their weekly SunSpot and we can enjoy »


We have been enjoying Linda‚Äôs daily Advent creations and I started to wonder about the tradition of Advent and how it all started. The internet »

Food Art

As humans we have far more in common than our differences often imply. One of the most important common elements amongst all humans is that we »

Yoram Raanan

In the Light of Hanukkah I want to share more of the paintings created by Yoram Raanan - they really are something special to behold. Afternoon »


December 6th is the feast day of Saint Nicholas the patron saint of children. In Holland the celebrations take place on the night of the 5th »

The Art of Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends who are enjoying their Festival of Lights this week and the warmth of community. (Credit: bing.com) In 2014 »

Changing Perspectives

As we slide away from protesting and towards celebrating the festive season I thought I should unpack the mail bag. From Trevor in Canberra I received »