Heads and Hair

Looking at Heads gives us the chance to study Hairstyles in a little detail as they are definitely an important work of art and have been »

Art from Hair

While I'm researching Hair as an Art Form I would like you to read all about The Curious Victorian Tradition of Making Art from Human Hair. »


Studying clowns and facial features made me start thinking about Heads and how important they are to the human being!! (Credit: Wikipedia) Without a doubt heads »

You Are My Valentine!!

To all those who love - Happy Valentine’s Day. I bring you love in many of its guises as depicted by Italian painter and photographer »

Day Of Rest

I am a little busy dealing with one of life's little trials: one of my fences has fallen down!! Please make yourself comfortable and take a »

Clowns and That Look

I have to admit that I'm ambivalent about Clowns but there is no better subject to use to conclude our look at facial features. The juxtaposition »

Eyes and That Look

I’ve had a response to the Eyes Blogs. E in London sent photos of two portraits from the National Gallery London collection. The first painting »

Disasters & Renewals

There are many, many ways humans have had to face disasters in their lives ever since we first walked the lands of this planet: wars, genocide, »

Year of the Pig

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR A special New Year Greeting to Way Sam, K of Hong Kong, K of Wheelers Hill, Mia, E, and their family. Artist: »