Eyeing Off Some Mail

D of Bendigo sent me a notice a couple of days ago that the Bendigo Art Gallery is conducting a workshop titled Paint & Sip with »

Hand Eye Coordination

I haven't spoken about the MindStudio in a while and some mail leads beautifully into this part of the blog where I encourage you to draw »

The Day After Frida Kahlo

On Saturday Jane and I spent some time viewing the Frida Kahlo Photographic Exhibition at the magnificent Bendigo Art Gallery in a rather hot Central Victoria, »

David's Hands

I'm back from my trip to Bendigo and in the middle of writing up my impressions of the exhibition: Frida Kahlo Her Photos. It's appallingly hot »

Messaging with Hands

As we are discovering, hands send messages. Artists exploit hands as they are probably (along with eyes) the most expressive part of our bodies. You saw »

Mail from Bendigo: Ola Cohn

I love portraits of artists at work. Australian painter Roy Opie (1909-1968) has captured Ola Cohn so well with tools in hands, concentrating on a work »