The Big Blog

Australia is a big country with a big, bright blue sky which goes on forever especially if you're in the outback. We're going to have a »

Still Taking It Easy

One more day and I'll be back with The Big Blog. In the meantime please read this article on the benefits of meditation to help you »

Taking it Easy

Sorry but I have fallen behind today and need extra time to prepare the next edition which is titled: The Big Blog! See you in a »

Suburban Night Life continued

I've had excellent feedback regarding the American Suburban Artists we considered a couple of blogs back. Remember Leonard Koscianski and his paintings of suburban houses with »

From the Suburbs

While I’m researching the American Suburban Artists I’ve taken some photos of my own home at night to experiment with night light. Standing at »

Night Light

Continuing on from moonlight we will stay up late and look at night light which adds something special to paintings, especially genre works which tell a »

Subscribers' Day

I'm having the day off to watch the football with a couple of friends so I don't expect to be in a fit state to write »


We humans have always been fascinated by Our Moon and the light it emits across the Earth. One of the first pictures ever taken of the »