Humans as an Art Form

I see myself as a genre artist, painting pictures of people going about their everyday activities. Most of us make some effort, most of the time, »


We are going to look at Cubism, an early C20th art movement which was founded by Pablo Picasso(1881-1973) and George Braque (1882-1963) and as both »


The art movement Fauvism arrived as the twentieth-century dawned but only lasted a few years. In 1905 Henri Matisse & André Derain had been painting together »

Equine geoglyphs

We have to go back to England to look at some ancient white horses which are geoglyphs - a large design or motif produced on the »

The Horse continued

Before I continue to look at Horses in Art I have to welcome aboard a new subscriber from London which is exciting as we now cover »

William Morris

I’m starting with a couple of images today because even if you haven’t heard of William Morris you will have seen some of his »