I was born and raised in the gold mining city of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. It was here that my love affair with weatherboards, red bricks and dry grass started. Gold Dust is still one of my favourite renditions of this part of my world.

In my paintings, even my landscapes, I endeavour to create a story that takes the viewer on a journey to explore a scene that has been created from my observations of everyday life in Australian cities, towns and countryside. And occasionally I'll venture overseas, drawing on my many experiences of travel.

As a genre painter I seek to depict everyday people in typical scenes at home, at work and at play.I enjoy exploring backyards and lanes as represented by Watching the Cabbages Grow, The Morning News:Marmalade and Barney Glade and his Contentments. Many of my paintings capture a moment from the European heritage from which many of us stem. This might be the last few resilient hollyhocks guarding the miner’s cottage as in Tyquin House, Taradale, Victoria; a snippet of life from an ancestral country as in English Landscape: Malmesbury, Wiltshire or the intricate ageing of an Italian wall San Gimignano or Tuscan Steps.

May you journey down many lanes and may you take the time to admire the beauty in a piece of grass or the magnificence of a drop of dew as recreated in The Fence Post.

I now live in Melbourne which is a wonderful multi-cultural community. I enjoy the diverse nature of our culture, the humour of the Australian people, the pathos and the narratives that weave through their lives as depicted in Burbank Court Christmas Breakfast, Dockland Developments or Night Developments.

My artistic hero is Lawrence S. Lowry, who painted dark and sombre scenes from the industrial city of Manchester, England. Even though my paintings aim to be bright and alive, I have learnt a great deal from Lowry about ‘recreating’ people so that they appear to be comfortably living in the environment that I, as their story teller, have created.

Thank you for taking time to be part of my artistic journey.


Finalist in the MacarthurCook Art Awards 2007
Waverley Art Society Artist of the Year- Public Choice 2004
Highly Commended Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School 2003

Recent Exhibitions


The Knox Art Exhibition


Bayside (Sandringham) Art Exhibition
St Kevin's Art Show (Toorak)
Warranwood Art Show
Whitehorse Art Show