How many of the questions did you get right? Here are the answers.

  1. Mary Jewels
  2. Pyrography or pyrogravure. Nope I won't accept burning wood with a sharp object!  
  3. Adolf Hitler was refused entry into the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna because he failed the entrance exam.  
  4. The best known Angry Penguins were: Arthur Boyd, Sidney Nolan, Albert Tucker, John Perceval, Joy Hester and Danila Vassilieff.  
  5. Alfred Wallis painted in a Naive style. I will also accept    Primitive although strictly speaking it's not the same.    Somewhere along the line I'll explain the difference.
  6. Eastman Johnson was the co-founder of the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City.  
  7. The Penzance School of Art was established in 1853. For your interest: The Newlyn Art Colony began in the 1880s and the painting colony at St Ives although attracting artists as early as the 1870s wasn't formally established as the St Ives School of Painting until 1938 by Robert Borlase Smart, Leonard John Fuller and Nancy Mostyn.  
  8. The painter James (Jimmy) Whistler travelled around Cornwall with Walter Sickert and  the Australian Mortimer Menpes.    9.Edward Hopper  
  9. Pergugino's painting of Christ giving the keys to St Peter is one of the earliest examples of the use of perspective. And for bonus points he has used his knowledge of perspective to create a tessellated pavement.    How did you go? Let me know.

I've been in conversation with my Twitter mates and we have been talking about Which art period would you have liked to have painted in? Or if you are interested in art but don't paint Which art period would you have liked to live in so you could have met the artists?

But then I would like my period to at least go up into the 1950s so I could have studied with my hero Lawrence Lowry.

Email me with some of your answers.