To see more windows as created by Andrew Wyeth and please follow this link for Finding Refuge in Wyeth’s Windows.

(Credit: priorhouse blog)

(Credit: 1st Art Gallery)

Chagall is known for his glorious stained glass windows which you can enjoy through this link.

(Credit: Tutt Art)

(Credit: Curiator)

(Credit: Magnolia Box).

I've run out of time tonight to complete the blog as I have been out with Jane doing some research by watching a movie on Cezanne and discussing where to next with our blog.

The Hero Image today are the windows to the soul of one of my family homes at 128 Wills St Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. The windows were designed and created by my paternal grandfather Harold King Newman. To my knowledge, the windows and chimney pots are all that were preserved when the house was demolished earlier this year.

I want to conclude today’s blog with a huge thank you to all the subscribers who have enjoyed My Favourite House Painting Exhibition. I’ve had many compliments and I’m purring with content.