Before we start looking at the Brushmen of the Bush I have some photos sent by J of Sandringham who is travelling in outback South Australia. Let’s share her journey. The Hero Image illustrates the landscape near Woomera, South Australia, where missiles and rockets were tested as part of the defence of the country. One of our Immigration Detention Centres was also housed at Woomera some years back.

Followed by a remarkable shot of the moon over Port Augusta.

It’s a great photo so I have zoomed in on this glorious wild creature.

And off we go again on the road to Cooper Pedy one of the richest opal fields in the world and is often referred to as the opal capital of the world.

And in this brilliant image J has captured the glowing wealth that fills the sky over Cooper Pedy.

After visiting Cooper Pedy J is on her way to William Creek and was farewelled from the opal fields by these glorious sunrises.

Thank you J for sharing your tour with us. We look forward to learning a little more about William Creek.