I've been on a very steep learning curve today. I have been in class all day with Matt Cameron my Web Designer discussing how my new website is going to look. And I have been learning about what I have to do to help achieve this new look.  

Designing a Website is not easy as there are many decisions to make, the main one being how do you marry your view of what the site should look like with what the users/viewers want and indeed expect.

As an artist you just want the images of your work to look fabulous: better than the original! What the viewers want is to be able to see the images!! Yes, each website has to be checked against all the available devices to make sure your work can be seen easily, navigated easily, loaded up quickly etc. A majority of people looking at a site nowadays will do so from their phone and the screen is much smaller than on a tablet or computer. The images have to account for this. And on and on go the issues that have to be solved.  

Fortunately I have in Matt Cameron a human being who speaks in plain English, not technological jargon and who is present in my home not on a chat line originating from somewhere on top of a mountain or perhaps even in outer space! I have the perfect Web Designer who is also a keen gardener (tick), likes dogs (tick), can make fabulous pesto (tick, tick), and yes took notes with a pencil though I did have to give him a pad of paper when he ran out of postits!

Like a good teacher Matt has given me homework to complete so the blog will be under threat for a little while. And like a typical student I am terrified I don't know how to perform the required tasks. But determined I am and I will keep you up to date with the changes.