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Today I want to feature some of the work of a friend of mine who is a brilliant pen and ink artist especially of subjects from nature. The hero image (of a mushroom and asparagus stalks) you see under the title of the Blog is one of Sam's drawings. Here are some more. I particularly love her flowers. Later I will feature some of her watercolour paintings of flowers.

In this illustration from her sketchbook you can see her practising drawing the various elements of the plants. I'm sorry to see my photo isn't good enough to read her notes but the point is made. Sam records specific information about the plants she is drawing.
Here is one of Sam's illustrations of a tree. The amount of detail she achieves is remarkable and you can see she aims to create a pleasing picture and not adhere exactly to the botanical features.
This picture of a tree is another excellent example where Sam has cropped the tree so as to focus on the shape in order once again to create an aesthetically attractive image of the intricate pattern in the bark. And her expert artistic touch is shown in the drawing of the few leaves in contrast to the darkness of the bark.
And for those of you with a well disciplined mind. Try one of Sam's doodle patterns which are stunningly beautiful featuring botanical elements on tiles.

I am not a botanical artist and have only ever had a go at it once. Here is my pen and ink gum tree.

Now if you have that pencil close at hand and the patience, have a go at sketching this glorious gum tree.

Tomorrow I'll feature Botanical Artist Marta Salamon.

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