Randall (1918-1999) had four partners over his life (being married to three of them) and lead a very interesting existence which had considerable influence on his works. His art expressed strongly the environment in which he lived. Randall said of his paintings: the look of them might have been different if I'd grown up anywhere but in Oregon. Brilliant sunlight nursing the green valleys after a long rainy winter . . . there's a powerful bit of environment that would show in a man's work all his life. I've seen that creative communication has a vitality all its own. It's not a refuge from life, but an intensification. It's the practice of humanity. In painting I think the approach that best affirms life is expressionism, and that's why I became and am now an expressionist. (Wikipedia)

Felice- a woodcut.  

Not deterred Randall married yet again in 1982 a Eve Wieland who was an Austrian wartime emigrant. Sadly she died of cancer and he spent the last years of his life with the graphic artist Pele deLappe who from all accounts had been a life long friend.

Byron Randall died in 1999 at 80 years having lived a remarkable life.

In 1967, Randall wrote that painting is a language and that language is a product of society, disturbed or healthy. Randall also believed that in time, my (and your) creative effort will overcome the forces of evil that menace peace-loving mankind. (Ref:https://artisttrust.org/index.php/events/event/theevolutionofanorthwestartist-_opening)

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It’s appropriate that from here we move onto Fredo Khalo as many of the people mentioned in the last couple of Blogs were involved together in their political activities and art works.