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Canaletto got his mononym because he was the son of Bernardo Canal and Canaletto means little Canal. His father was a theatre scene painter and Canaletto started his artistic career as an apprentice in this art form. I wish I had known this when we were looking into the painting of theatrical scenes. Not that I have been able to find any of the theatre works created by Canaletto's father to show you.  

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Jane and I are preparing to do some blogs on animals in art: paintings, sculptures and any other medium we come across so I won’t spend any more time on Canaletto’s dogs as we will see some more later.

However, Smith did eventually run into financial difficulties and sold his collection to George 111 of Britain and this is how the British Royal Collection includes so many Canalettos.

But- Smith not only collected art works for himself he ran a roaring trade in selling Canalettos to British aristocrats on the Grand Tour. And from what I have read it was probably Smith who encouraged Canaletto to move to England and of course Canaletto knew there were all those British aristocrats waiting to decorate their homes with his creative pieces.  So tomorrow we’re off to London to look at some of the images Canaletto produced while living in England. We will also consider why Canaletto's reputation suffered somewhat in that green and pleasant land.

To the painters amongst the subscribers, practise those dobs of paint, those dashes of light - using a deft touch. I am!

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