As we approach the festive season celebrations you probably don’t want to think about art or creativity anymore than I do. I’m certainly losing my motivation in amongst the decorations which I threw over my Hoya today rather than get the Christmas tree out. I might be able to paint a picture with intricate details but I struggle to assemble my artificial tree. It takes me hours and ends up looking like a bunyip from a lagoon. So I decided to use the Hoya.

What is a Hoya? It’s a creeper with the most glorious pink flowers that look like they have been made from porcelain. And for a good reason to because I believe the origin of the Hoya is Chinese. My Hoya came from my grandmother’s home in Bendigo and I have pulled it down and carted it with me as I moved homes. You can see the pink wax like flowers in the photo to hiding amongst the decorations.

Send me your ideas for Christmas decorations and for hanging them and you too can become a feature artist!!