I've been thinking about my favourite artists and how they have influenced my paintings. My two favourite artists both included lots of buildings in their paintings so my love of buildings is fed by looking at their work.

I have already mentioned L.S. Lowry the English artist who painted pictures of Manchester. Another favourite of mine is the American Edward Hopper who lived at roughly the same time as Lowry- late 1800s through to just past the mid 1900s. Both were realist painters and both painted people in everyday situations though using very different styles.

Here are some Lawrence Lowry Buildings and here are some more Lowry buildings compared to other artists. https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/492440540474993454/?lp=true

And here are some Edward Hopper buildings.

As artists we reflect our society, sometimes unintentionally. So the buildings Lowry painted are the factories, mills and tenament buildings which housed the working people of Pendlebury and Salford, Greater Manchester where he lived. In contrast Hopper painted the free standing substantial homes of the wealthy and loved to paint interiors.


My next painting is going to be a “Town Painting” so if you would like to paint along with me you will need images of buildings to put in your “town painting”. So start collecting and start getting some “images” hung on the walls of your “MindStudio”. You might like to choose some Lowry or Hopper buildings to give you ideas.