Dogs in Art and Far Beyond

I promised we would look at Dogs in Art though some time back we did look at Italian Cats and Dogs. Dogs are particularly significant to art as they appear more often than any other animal in paintings. Sometimes they appear as we saw in Canaletto's paintings as part of everyday life, living happily amongst the citizens of Venice, enjoying life in every possible way.
( ( (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Dogs appear so often for a very good reason. They are an essential part of our lives: culturally, socially, in terms of survival, even spiritually. We will be examining the cultural position of dogs as shown in art over the next few blogs. But in the meantime, just so you're aware: I Love Dogs! The hero Image today is me with my first dog Finn, the Irish Wolfhound: dignified, intelligent. This is Finn at 10 weeks!!
My next dog was Alexander, the Old English Sheepdog: clown!
Make that, spoilt clown!
My population of gold fish drecreased rapidly.
Brydie, the Irish Wolfhound/Greyhound Cross came along to join the family. Alex and Brydie were inseparable!
Brydie quickly made herself at home. After all, a girl deserves luxuries when you've been on the run! Literally!
And this is Gypsy, the Miniature Poodle. She's brighter than me so she did the photoshop adjustments so you could see her eyes!!
And this is what she thinks of most of my paintings.

The subscriber Chris of New York has many wonderful photos and soon you will be treated to some amazing images like you probably have never seen, of an animal you don't come close to every day. But in the meantime a couple of his dogs photos. The first was taken in Caneso di Bedonia, Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

And this one was taken in Montarsiccio, Italy.

Many, many artists love dogs. So to check out a few, follow this link to meet a few famous names and their furry friends. Famous Artists and their Dogs. For some reason dachshunds seem to figure greatly. If you’re having trouble with your paintings maybe a dachshund helps!! Personally I’m sticking with a poodle-she’s an excellent critic.

And I'll be back tomorrow with something a little more serious but just as furry.

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