Capability Brown designed the magnificent gardens at Alnick Castle, Northumberland as shown in the Hero Image for today.  The Duke of Northumberland said: ‘From the edge of the moorland, close to Robert Adam’s spectacular folly, Brizlee Tower, is my favourite viewpoint, an ancient standing stone from which north Northumberland spreads out before you. The Cheviot Hills guard the Scottish border to the north and west, and the North Sea, Bamburgh Castle and the Farne Islands provide the eastern edge of this vista. Below this viewpoint, Brown laid out his magnificent creation, complementing the ruined Hulne Abbey and the sparkling River Aln that winds its way through the middle of the park. Great oaks and beech trees cover the hills, looking down their noses at the more recent softwood plantations. Dazzling colours greet the autumn viewer, but, even on the dreariest winter day, this view never fails to raise the spirits.’ (countrylife,com.uk)

Through my research I have discovered a wonderful video on the work of Capability Brown. The video is well worth watching as it gives a beautiful pictorial account of the landscapes created or enhanced by Brown even though it seeks to criticise him and devalue his contribution to this artistic field. Please take the time to view the gardens of Capability Brown and make up your own opinion about his contribution to landscape architecture.  The video includes images of some wonderful early landscape paintings.

From the PostieThe blog on windows was certainly very popular with lots of comments about how we do love our windows and the views they give us on the world.

(Credit: Garden Lovers Club)

And finally this one is for D of Bendigo who likes my window paintings. Here is a little peek view.

Thank you all for your comments and support. It is so much more fun when we share our ideas. If you have a favourite window scene please send it in to me.