Today I’m going to run a little on-line exhibition of My Favourite Paintings of Houses. Which artists will I choose? Who would you like me to include?

I will have to commence with American Edward Hopper (1882-1967) and invite him to bring a whole swag of his paintings of Houses as I consider him to be the expert. I’ve chosen Haskell's House as I love its grandeur and elegance but also as I have Haskell DNA running in my blood (as does one of the other subscribers!!) I'm hoping we are related to the owners.  

(Credit: Fine Art America)


(Credit: Invaluable)

An exhibition without Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) would be criminal. I will let him exhibit The Yellow House because he put so much effort into the house which he wanted to share with Gauguin but sadly the venture only lasted a couple of months.


Note the use Van Gogh has made of yellow and blue (two primary colours), hallmarks of his work during the time he spent at Arles. The deep blue sky accentuates the yellow house which is also known by the titles The Street and The House and Its Environment. I have discovered something interesting which I didn't know and that is that after completing the oil painting of The Yellow House he rendered it a second time in water colours. And I also discovered that the house itself was destroyed by a bomb during WW11 though a plaque marks the spot where Van Gogh had his studio and living quarters on the Place Lamartine.


And an exhibition of paintings of houses would not be complete without Anton Pieck(1895-1986) another Dutch artist who loved to paint buildings in a most enchanting way as illustrated by this one of Hansel and Gretel's house.


I can hear you screaming out for a Monet painting of his home at Giverny. But I much prefer Monet's Houses on the Achterzaan. Probably because I like to be near the water. This would be the perfect home for me.

Please send in your favourite painting of a house to add to the exhibition.

The Hero today is one of my own paintings. As I’m not good enough to go in the exhibition I took the space offered by the Hero Image for the Blog to showcase: Les Toits de Paris.