I have received more correspondence from J of Sandringham as she journeys throughout the outback. But before we join her I need to welcome our latest subscriber who lives in the Philippines. R has told me of a local artist with an interesting story so I will be featuring him as soon as J comes home and we have met all the Brushmen of the Bush. But back to J’s travels.

And here J thinks she might have found a fossil. If it is a fossil who knows how old it might be as Australia  is considered to be the oldest land on Earth.

No so keen on this statue but of course life in the desert relies on this tiny machines.

Roxby Downs, for those who don’t know, has a controversial history regarding mining thr resources. This area contains the largest known single deposit of uranium in the world.  The mining of copper is however the largest contributor to total revenue.

Tomorrow we will meet the next of our Brushmen of the Bush.