I don't want my Blog to be just about an exhibition of artists, especially only ones I'm interested in. I want to have variety of information including the unexpected. And sometimes I will make it a bit personal so that you better understand me and my background.

I admit that I'm always shocked when I meet someone who says, "I'm not interested in art." To me it's a bit like saying, "I'm not interested in food." So what is the impetus to someone wanting to paint (or not), but definitely being interested in art in its many forms?  

The walls of our house were painted olive greens and mustard colours and plastered with images from the Dutch and Flemish masters' portfolios. It is little wonder I love these painters though I wasn't too keen on the Laughing Cavalier by Frans Hals hanging above my bed! My uncle (a fashion shoe designer) who lived in England after the WW11 introduced me to the English artist Lawrence Lowry and passed on his Lowry prints to me in my teens.

But was this interest fostered at school? Oh no! I remember one art teacher suggesting he burn my paintings! I wonder if he would get away with it in today’s education culture? Another art teacher was a member of the Communist Party and her sister ran the Communist book shop in Bendigo (my home town). We thought it would help our marks if we painted everything red- red gum trees, people wearing red clothes, red houses, everything was red.

Outside home we were also surrounded by art. The Bendigo Art Gallery is now of international reputation but it has always been an outstanding gallery which we frequently visited growing up.

So those of you who belong to my young subscribers, plan next holidays to take your children to a gallery. Of course we have locally the brilliant Monash Gallery of Art which is fabulous and constantly exhibiting interesting artists, photographers, and scuptors. And the National Gallery of Victoria is of course superb. I'm about to visit to view the Triennial Exhibition which I believe is excellent featuring the work of over 100 artists and designers from 32 countries, covering art and design, across cultures, scales, geographies and perspectives.

So, you can see, a very eclectic taste.

Please share your favourite local gallery with me. I know at least one of you works in a gallery as a volunteer so let’s hear about it. And for my international subscribers please tell me about your
favourite gallery. Anywhere in the world.

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