Notice that Stephanie is very observant and has learnt that human limbs are jointed especially at the wrist which she would be conscious of as she is using her hands to draw and paint. She has a way of showing the eyes on female figures with eye lashes also. And I just love the heart shaped nose and the repetition of the heart shape in the dress. For those of you who are learning to draw follow Stephanie's style- the nose is an upside down heart.
Stephanie has noticed that some people smile showing their teeth and others do not. Some wear their hair long, some short, some piled on top of their head.  What is remarkable in this painting is that Stephanie has shown an understanding of perspective either through her observation or accidentally. The figure nearest the left side is larger and the other figures get slightly smaller as if they are further away. Stephanie's colours appear to be of secondary importance. Each figure has a deep pink face and limbs but only the two "front" figures have coloured dresses. It is most interesting that the two figures that appear further away are painted in grey indicating she didn't see them as important. Thank you Stephanie for sharing your work with us.