Posting an image of what you are going to eat is not new! All that has changed is the way we communicate this important part of our lives. Below is a Still Life of food painted by Jacopo da Empoli (1551– 1640) an Italian Florentine Reformist painter: born as Jacopo Chimenti (Empoli was the birthplace of his father).  Here are two of Jacopo's images he posted for the world to enjoy. All created with a paintbrush and paints 400 years ago!  

(Credit: Wikipedia)

(Credit: Delicious Italy)


(Credit: Teen Vogue)

(Credit: Vox)

Chocolat is also a favourite.  



And who could forget Meryl Streep as Julia Child in Julie and Julia.

(Credit: The Guardian)

Advent 8 December

(Credit: LCpandahall)