Santa's little elves are out and about sending me mail. Thank you D of Bendigo who has just assured us that the Internationally Famous Bendigo Art Gallery is not taking a summer holiday. In fact the gallery has just opened an exhibition into The Private Life and Passions of Frida Kahlo. The exhibition will continue until 10 Feb so local subscribers you have plenty of time to plan your trip.

The exhibition is of over 250 of Frida Kahlo's most treasured photographs. Famed for her self portraits, Frida’s private photograph collection reveals much about her personal relationships, especially with husband and fellow artist *Diego Rivera, the gallery’s senior curator Leanne Fitzgibbon said. “Of course, it was quite a complex relationship, and quite bohemian for the time,” she said. “We also learn about her connections with family and motivations for her own artistic practice. “She treasured these objects. Frida used them as mementos of the people she had loved throughout her life.” Diego intended for the works to become public 15 years after his death, but they would not be revealed for half a century. This was perhaps because the executor of Diego’s will was a close friend. “I understand she (the friend) felt that if Diego was concerned about it being revealed to the public, it was not her place to make that call, so by making no decision and no change to what Diego had put in place she was honouring his wishes,” Ms Fitzgibbon said. “So the items remained locked away until her own death.” ...Ms Fitzgibbon said it was a decision that makes the exhibition even more poignant. “This has been held back. We’ve become familiar with Frida’s artistic practice over the years, but the photography was so important to her,” she said. “Her father was a photographer and she worked with him from when she was little.” (Bendigo Advertiser, 6 Dec 2018)

And another little snippet of news from Bendigo. Sadly the Bendigo Art Gallery Director, Karen Quinlan, is leaving to become the Director of our National Portrait Gallery of Australia in Canberra. Follow this link for the article.
Bendigo Art Gallery director Karen Quinlan prepares to bid Bendigo farewell.

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