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As I set off on my walk this morning with Gypsy I was reminded how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful country and how much art is part of our daily lives. I am always saying that art starts in your MindStudio, that you can't paint, sculpt, embroidery etc unless you have an image in your mind. Creative pieces don't happen by accident but are the result of years of study both formal and informal. And the informal learning starts in your immediate surroundings with observing the plants, animals, buildings, the feelings, the patterns, the sounds in your immediate world.

So I set off on my walk this morning and noticed immediately the crisp air heralding the approach of winter. But this was in direct contrast to the smokey haze that is hanging about Melbourne ; a result of the planned burns before the cold weather arrives. Thank goodness we got through summer without any bad bush fires in Victoria though other states weren't as lucky.
What is missing from this photo is our mountain (Mount Dandenong) which is covered in the smoke haze.

When we got back from our walk Gypsy and I took a wander around the garden to enjoy the autumn colours. The Manchurian Ornamental Pear although still a baby is particularly glorious this year.
And yes you can see my miniature panther skulking in the shadows.
The interplay between the autumn leaves and the sun is glorious.
The Crepe Myrtle tries to compete but isn't in the contest.
And the last of the pomegranates say don't forget about us.
I'm not sure whether I love autumn leaves or not when they have to be swept up. Gypsy does her bit by bringing lots of them into the house, clinging to her fur!
As we say goodbye to summer down here in the south of Australia my beautiful bougainvillea throws out a last hooray.
And the rhythm of the garden is taken over by the first of the camellias reminding me there are beautiful aspects to winter.

Just a soft interlude for you to store in your MindStudio. One more war artist coming up and then we are moving onto monuments which are a natural segue.

Anne Newman

Oil Painter in realistic genre style, predominantly buildings and people. To continue the discussion contact Anne on or phone +61 407 516 522

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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