Australia is a big country with a big, bright blue sky which goes on forever especially if you're in the outback. We're going to have a look at Australian Outback Artists over the next few days but before we do, let's have a look at some of our Big Statues. Whether we like these oversized statues or not it must be remembered that they have a place in our culture and bring visitors to many towns that would otherwise die.

I will start with my favourite Big Statue in Australia which is of an Aboriginal looking out over and protecting the City of Karratha in the West Pilbara area of North Western Australia. I have featured a photo of the statue in today's Hero Image (ABC photo). Here is a map to show you where it is located just in case you are thinking of doing a Sunday afternoon drive to see it!

This area has a colourful history that includes whaling, station settlements, the construction of ports and the uprooting of local Aboriginal culture.    The City is well aware of its responsibility to protect heritage places and promote its history to residents and visitors alike. Ongoing projects include the Cossack Art Awards, heritage trails and interpretive signage, consideration of heritage places in Town Planning Schemes, maintenance works on registered buildings, and resolving tenure issues within proximity to heritage places to enable tourism opportunities. (Ref:

This got me thinking to see if we have a Big Barbecue. And do we? I can’t find one so there is a project for a budding artistic welder!

And so we arrive at a perfect seque into the Brushmen of the Bush who were a group of Australian outback artists who painted together from 1973 to 1989. Pro Hart was one member of the group and we will meet him tomorrow.