Hands: Maps of Our Souls

One reason I love hands so much is that I love maps, particularly old maps. I do a bit of genealogy research and it is so much fun to look at a map of the land your ancestors once inhabited. Look at the wonderful pattern of colours and lines in this map of Dorset where some of my family came from.
(Credit: foldingmaps.co.uk) And now look at these beautiful old hands which have a topography similar to that of the map. They have been created using coloured pencil on toned paper. Unfotunately I couldn't find the name of the artist.
(Credit: Reddit) And these remarkable hands were painted but again I haven't been able to locate the artist. If you are a student of art study the shapes, the lines and subtle changes in tone. You could try copying one of these images which will help seal your new learning.

(Credit: Zoom.Me)

Photographers also love the shape, line and tones of hands- especially the dirty hands of a workman.
(Credit: Cmjdmook19.wordpress.com)

To conclude today I invite you to have a go at colouring one of these pairs of hands. Send in your effort for others to share.

Anne Newman

Oil Painter in realistic genre style, predominantly buildings and people. To continue the discussion contact Anne on anewman@netspace.net.au or phone +61 407 516 522

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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