Looking at Heads gives us the chance to study Hairstyles in a little detail as they are definitely an important work of art and have been so since women discovered their reflections in a pool of still water. Below is The Venus of Willendorf estimated to have been made 30,000 BCE. She was found in 1908 in Lower Austria. It would appear that she has braided hair though some experts have suggested she might be wearing a basket on her head!


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But in general I just love what the young are doing with their hair and if I was younger (much younger!) I would have tattoos and a crazy hairstyle. In fact you can now have what is called a Hair Tattoo! I rather fancy this one but would prefer to replace the soccer ball with the colours and pattern of the tartan worn by my Robertson or Ogilvie ancestors.


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In Sanjuan's work there is a touch of the Pre-Raphaelite style which is a favourite for many of us. This is Dante Gabriel Rossetti Bruna Brunelleschi painted in 1878 exemplifying the sensuality that accompanies this period and these artists. We will constantly return to the Pre-Raphaelites I can assure you.

(Credit: Pre Raphaelite Art)

This is a fascinating article about The power of Hair. The politics of Hair in a (South) African context by Shonisani Netshia

Paintings and sculptures throughout time give an excellent record of the history of hairstyles and how they have changed throughout time.