Introducing “Air Painting”

No I don’t mean Plein Air Painting (ie painting outside in the air) I mean painting in the “air”. Suitable for all ages, I believe Air Painting enhances our creativity and improves our ability to draw and to paint. I have been doing it for years so now it is time to share.

Air Painting is exactly what it states- painting in the air. So where are we going to start?

You will need a MindStudio as described in my Blog a couple of days ago.

Now you are ready to start learning to “Air Paint”.

Air Doodling

Find a quiet spot -sitting or standing is okay. When you’re ready to start, go into your Mind House and down the corridor to your Mind Studio. Sitting or standing with your back to the window start by scribing a line of circles from left to right. The circles can be separate or joined, whatever you find comfortable. If you close your eyes you can “see” the circles in your mind. You might like to air draw your circles on the wall of your Mind Studio or just in the air. The choice is yours. Next draw a long line as straight and as long as you can make it. Follow this by drawing some short "straightish" lines with a space between just like dashes. Then try drawing a series of vertical lines that would be much like fence posts. These are harder to do than the continuous line. Follow this by drawing a continuous wavy line as long as you can. Then several wavy lines separated by spaces. And last of all try drawing some triangles with each one being a separate shape. Don’t try to join the triangles as this is a bit hard at the moment.

Continue drawing as many shapes as you like and practise the ones I have given you. Don’t overdo it as your arm will get tired from all this exercise. Take breaks and imagine what you have drawn in your Mind Studio.

Nursing Home Idea for the Day

  1. For those residents that understand talk about their MindStudio following the directions given in my previous Blog.
  2. Have the residents perform the activity above where they air doodle different shapes.
  3. Then have the residents in pairs air paint a familiar object such as a tree, a house, a chair and have their pair guess what is being air painted.

Anne Newman

Oil Painter in realistic genre style, predominantly buildings and people. To continue the discussion contact Anne on or phone +61 407 516 522

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