Italian Cats and English Dogs

Naive artists often include animals in their paintings as they are interested in depicting everyday life and few of us would deny how important our animals are to us. Remember the whopping birds in Wallis’ painting and other farm animals. We will return to the Cornish artists later but let’s have a bit of fun today and look at some animals given centre stage.

I’ll start with Chris O’Brien’s cat photograph taken in Caneso di Bedonia, Parma,Emilia-Romagna, Italy. I love the simplicity of this photo and the angle Chris has used. The massive expanse of the dark window is used to highlight the cat as the subject. Fabulous photo.
Please visit for more wonderful photos including lots of animals!

Coincidently I have also been captivated by an Italian cat or two and here is my painting "A Little Bit of Italy" based on a cat I saw while travelling in Italy.

And here is one of my Aussie cats, this one called Marmalade, of course.

For the cat lovers, I did a bit of researching and here is a link to lots of paintings and photographs of cats to entertain you.

But its dogs I like to include in many of my paintings and the reason for this is that I have been influenced since I was a young child by the English painter Lawrence Lowry who painted industrial scenes around Manchester, England. Here is my favourite Lowry dog painting titled humorously "Little Dog".

Lowry loved to paint large crowds as we see in a "A Fairground" and yes, the dogs were there.
And even when there was "A Fight".

My very early paintings invariably included a black dog or two. Here is "Bendigo Secrets" and you can just see the black outline on the left of my symbolic dog. Like Lowry my dogs are almost always black and have over the years evolved into a symbol of the great Aussie Kelpie.
Here he is again listening to the morning gossip.
And always invited to the great Aussie BBQ!

I'm leaving you today with another one of Chris O'Brien's Italian cat photos. Just perfect!

Anne Newman

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