I know a few people at the moment who would like to flee to Europe!! So the next best thing for you is to pretend you are travelling with Jane.  

I'll let Jane tell you all about it herself.

Coal mining in Wales saw the birth of the industrial revolution. The first railway was also built in Wales, where the formula for steel was discovered - a mix of iron ore and phosphate, allowing for strength and expansion/contraction of the tracks.  

The magnificent ceiling in the smoking room.  

Little Red Riding Hood. Wouldn't it have been wonderful to have these murals adorning your bedroom wall when a child. Or even now! You don't have to be a child to enjoy these images.

There is a hidden man in this image. Can you spot him?

And this is the banquet hall which you can hire for £600 an hour! Keep this in mind if you decide to get married, or want to celebrate an important birthday.  

Personally I'll just settle for the library.

Especially as it has a touch of whimsy with animals carved along the edges of the bookcases.

And look at these beautiful stained glass windows.

Water Lilies  

Quite wonderful and thanks to the Davies sisters, philanthropic grand daughters of David Davis, a Victorian industrial who made his fortune building railways across Wales.  

That’s the joy of travel - I’d done no research for this trip, so it’s filled with delightful surprises. In the evening we visited a small Norwegian church on Cardiff harbour for a private concert of a Welsh male choir - quite wonderful.