This post now reflects that Poldi Mimovich died on the 25th December 2019.

(Credit: Victorian Collections)

(Museum Victoria Collections)

The simplicity of this Mary and Child is wonderful in its nontraditional pose. Yet the ambiguity is intriguing: is Mary swinging her child with delight or is she giving up her son to the world? And therein lies the talent of Mimovich as a remarkable artist.

(Credit: Victoria Collections)

(Victorian Collections)

Although predominantly a sculptor of religious works, Mimovich worked in a variety of medium but predominantly bronze and wood. Here she is working on one of her crucifixes. If you live near me in Melbourne, the Good Shepherd Parish Church in Brandon Park has a most glorious Crucifix made by Mimovich. Sadly I couldn't find an image of it to show you.


When writing this post Poldi Mimovich was still alive though she suffered a fall some time back which made it difficult for her to work on her beloved sculptures. She was in her 99th year on this Earth - which has definitely been made better by her presence.

Post Script: We have learnt that Polid Mimovich died 25th December 2019.

The Hero Image has Mimovich looking at one of her carvings of The Last Supper.

And to conclude, here is a comment from Poldi Mimovich related to how hard it is to make your way in the art world. It was back in 1949 when she first came to Australia and it remains so now.
'It was not easy,' she said. That was 1949, and Australia did not have any working wood sculptors. Poldi approached her neighbour, Ola Cohn, famous for carving the Fairy Tree in Fitzroy Gardens. She asked Ola if there was any work for her. 'Ola said: "I can’t get enough work for myself, I wish I could employ you, but I can’t,"' Poldi remembers. (Museums Victoria Collections)