I did warn that I wanted to cover the unexpected in my blog. So today we’re looking at some of the artists who were seriously disturbed and bad, some even evil, but also artistically talented.

Churchill was also a very good painter but I don’t think we could call him mad or bad. Perhaps we will look at politicians who painted along the way.

I haven't found any real evils artist Downunder but Joy Hester and Albert Tucker from the Angry Penguins Art group dealt with a couple of Blogs ago, just up and left their son so that they could follow their own individual goals. Fortunately for Sweeney he was looked after by John and Sunday Reed who eventually adopted him but sadly he suicided at 34.  The whole tragic tale is summarised here. http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2002/03/18/1015909923274.html

Olive was not only an artist and suffragette, she was into smashing up windows and going on hunger strikes when in prison. But she is best known as an arsonist who burnt down the tea pavilion at Kew Gardens.Olive wasn’t mad but she was certainly bad and passionate and a beautiful artist.