(Ref: Wikipedia)

(Photo Ref: Self-photographed, Szilas in the National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta)

The exhibition was organised by Heritage Malta in collaboration with the Schranz family and the Schranz Bicentenary Committee. John J. Schranz, a descendant of Giovanni Schranz,  has written a series of articles on the context in which the Schranz artists lived and worked. I want to read these articles before continuing with the Blog on the Schranz family of Artists. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with some more information.

Learning Point for People Learning to Paint. Look at the composition of these paintings and the way the image has been divided into the sections as described above. Try to draw up an image of your own using the idea of the dominant sky, background of distant buildings, water which can be a sea, river, lake and finally the foreground figures in focus and engaged in some kind of activity.