I could not resist the alliteration offered by a headline for today's blog but what has been even more exciting is reading about the Mexican Muralism Movement which I have found enlightening. As one of my Sons-in-law is Mexican I dedicate this Blog to him. We will get onto Diego Rivera (Mexican Muralist) in the next post after this introduction.

People have been creating murals since women learnt how to draw on cave walls. Yes, it is now believed that the majority of the cave muralists were women which makes sense as the men would be out hunting, fishing and fighting and doing stuff in their man caves. Left at home with all the cavework completed for the day, the women turned their hands to painting. And it was their hands that gave archaeologists the information about who painted the murals as in many cases they left hand prints.

(Photo by David Gore)

Cordero also painted a secular mural at the request of Gabino Barreda at the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria but apparently it has disappeared. I did find a segment from another mural done by Cordero but couldn't locate the name or place of the work.

(Ref:http://www.elpoderdelapalabra.com.mx/?p=90904) As an aside Siqueiros was involved in an unsuccessful assassination attempt against fellow Marxist Leon Trotsky.

I'm sure you are getting a feel for the iconography being used by the Mexican Muralists which in essence featured Mexico's illustrious past, present and future.

And here we can in situ the Encounter of the Armies (From Porfirianism to the Revolution) by David Alfaro Siqueiros. (Ref: Artsy).

The Hero Image today is one of the giant murals by David Alfaro Siqueiros that hangs at Chapultepec Castle, Mexico City.

Tomorrow we will look at the murals produced by Diego Rivera

Murals and Street Art in general are a valuable way for artists to communicate ideas to the public without the contraints imposed by galleries and organisers of exhibitions. Artists are at the whim of those that choose to display their works, a choice which is usually dependent on what will sell which in turn is dependent on what is popular at the moment.