In this painting the viewer is in the privileged position of being inside the house with the subject, intimately observing the girl reading her letter. Even though the curtain is there to separate viewer and subject you don’t really feel you are violating her privacy.

(Credit: Edward Hopper)

Sadly in extending my sense of fun to the misspelling of the titles brought me unstuck. I was informed by a somewhat smug exhibition organiser that my spelling of the titles for my paintings had been corrected for the catalogue!!!!

(Credit: Wikipedia) Magritte had this to say of his 1933 work (above):

(Credit: Wikipedia) If you would like to know more about Magritte's paintings within a painting please follow this link.
And also the article about The Human Condition in Wikipedia is excellent.

Picasso played around with Window Paintings. I rather like this one titled Table in Front of Window.  

Juan  Gris (1887-1927) another Spanish Cubist painter and disciple of Picasso painted The Open Window.

(Credit: 1st Art Gallery)

If you would like to have a go at creating your own Window Painting I suggest you start by copying a painting you like. I rather like these two from Miguel Freitas so maybe this is where you might start.  

(Credit: Por amor al arte)

(Credit: Crescent Hill Gallery)

Miguel Freitas is a Portuguese Canadian and you can chekc out more of his paintings  here.

I have used one of my Windows on a Time paintings for the Hero Image today.

Tomorrow we will look at that enchanting period Art Nouveau and some Windows created at this time.