This section of My Favourite House Paintings Exhibition is dedicated to images that are Non-traditional.

We will start of course with the master of the non-traditional art, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) showcasing his cubist Houses on the Hill. What the viewer sees is multiple perspectives on the scene with a stockpile of geometrical forms making up the composition. There are recognisable house shapes to allow your brain to convey the concept being conveyed of a group of houses on a hill.



(Credit: Artnet)

(Credit: Galerie Dada) The Hero Image today is also part of one of Kandinsky's works titled: Houses in Munich.



Tae is a genius at capturing digital environments, and he is also talented at illustrating a given concept for an image to meet client specifications. His imagery fuses dystopian sci-fi and classical mysticism, but he’s also capable of warm, lovingly crafted portraits beyond the laser fire and futuristic characters. (


==I'm going to take a break for a day or two and will be back with the last section of the exhibition on My Favourite Paintings of Houses to feature House Interiors.