One Year Old Today!!

Today our Art Blog is one year old having been born on the 8 November 2017.

Looking back through the daily posts I realise how much I have learnt from everyone involved. The impetus and initial support came from my Web Architect Matt Cameron from WebsitePlus who challenged me when designing my new website to get onboard with social media. My initial reaction to Matt's suggestion was one of shock and horror declaring that I would NEVER GET INVOLVED WITH SOCIAL MEDIA! But fortunately Matt was patient and I listened and embraced the new technology so that the baby art blog could be born and Matt delivered the baby blog amidst a lot of screaming, moaning and complaining. Thank you Matt for your patience, advice, and belief that I could do it. Matt Cameron can be followed on Twitter for his invaluable advice on using social media. You might also like to read the text of the first post to see how far we have come.

I knew I could type and chat a bit about art but I had absolutely no idea about using images to complement the blog. Gradually I mastered a small aspect of Photoshop and began to break up the text with graphics.

And along the way I have had a lot of fun learning a little about how to draw digital pictures.

Looking back I am thrilled to see the range of topics we have covered. It's hard to choose my favourite blog post but I think the best story was the one about Louis Abrahams who played such a significant role in the development of art in Australia even though family and business commitments meant he never reached his own artistic potential.

My favourite art community is definitely the Hudson River School which featured in three blogs:
Post 1 Post 2 Post 3.

My favourite new male artist that I have got to know this year is Robert Bissell. I love his paintings: so will share one more with you today.
(Credit: Art Cloud)

And my favourite new female artist goes to Erin Hanson.
Fresh from the easel- Clouded Wisps.

My award to the most ingenious and exciting young artist goes to Chris Gibson, also known as Chris of Kent because he belongs to our blog community!! Below is one of his latest images. Chris is to be congratulated on producing a book Sketchy at Best: A four-line verse collection which is available on Amazon. I'm waiting for my copy to arrive from Amazon and will then review it for you.
Follow Chris on Twitter @gibsonc85 and
Instagram at leapinggazellart.

Our best animals photos have definitely been provided by Chris O’Brien also known as Chris of New York.
Chris has made a major contribution to the blog, not only through his remarkable photos but through the information he has provided on the Italian Naive Artist Antonio Ligabue; the latest being to advertise the current exhibition being held to honour Ligabue's works.
And much earlier in the year Chris introduced us to the Cornish artist Alfred Wallis

followed by Mary Jewels.
Please take time to check out the website for Chris of New York

I have used Arsty to back me up on my Days of Rest. I think the most popular post from Artsy was on The World's Greatest Sculpture Parks.

I have many, many people to thank for helping me reach our first birthday.

My first thanks go to my dear friend Jane of Sandringham who at first encouraged and advised me from her own incredible knowledge of the field of art. When I looked like going under she stepped into the breach to help me write the blog. I love having her as my 2IC and the endless conversations we have about all things arty. And thanks to Jane the content has improved immensely. Where is she? At usual off gallivanting around the world- Her latest email tells me she is in Taiwan. She will be back, I promise you. And we need her!

And another dear friend needs to be thanked even she is not at all keen on social media and at times thinks I’m stark raving mad being on the dreaded Facebook and Twitter. She wants to remain anonymous but I can’t let this day pass without a thank you for her constant encouragement in the writing of the blog and in my painting endeavours.

To the remarkable Way Sam who has contributed so much in so many ways to my art ventures- not least of which was assisting me in teaching painting in a local nursing home for 6 years. Thank you also Sam for allowing me to showcase your own wonderful watercolour paintings. You're a Star!

To E of London, Chris of New York, Chris of Kent, Trevor of Canberra, R of the Philippines, Di of Bendigo, K of Hong Kong, KM of Sydney, the Gippsland & Mornington Peninsular People - thank you for all the emails of support, snippets of information and encouragement which have made the blog what it is today - an international conversation about art between people of many different backgrounds across several continents. One of these people is a jeweller and hopefully we will be seeing her work in the new year.

To the Wheelers Hill/Mulgrave Mob- A&R, M&R, T&J, D&P, M., G., N., - you all know who you are and how much I value your local support, comments and suggestions. Thank you Linda for all the computer advise you give me. Your own craft work is amazing and so I propose a blog exhibition of your Christmas pieces. And a special thank you to Carol who also assisted in the 6 years of teaching painting in the nursing home and now works as a volunteer at the Wesley Mission. One day I hope you will see her paintings when she finds time.

To all my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram mates who have supported the blog faithfully for 12 months - thank you for putting up with all my mistakes such as slicing off half the artist’s face in the Hero Image! And for watching my videos - especially the one where the easel fell down while I was demonstrating how to paint a galvanised roof!

Finally a huge thank you to every member of my family, the members of which I have gathered along life’s journey. Thank you to those of you who have helped navigate the choppy waters of the internet and guiding me in learning Social Media Speak. And thank you for all the encouragement I get in all my ventures- creative and otherwise. At least the blog is keeping me out of trouble for a change.

Writing the blog has been a wonderful experience and is keeping my greying cells alive. How do I do it? The secret is out - I have a ghost writer! Thank you Gypsy for all your help and critical comments which are not always appreciated!

Coming up tomorrow? I have absolutely no idea! I think I'll have that break I keep promising myself this week.

Anne Newman

Oil Painter in realistic genre style, predominantly buildings and people. To continue the discussion contact Anne on or phone +61 407 516 522

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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