Coming Home

Sunsets are fun to create and if you follow my work you will know I love to paint scenes from my homeland of Central Victoria where »

A Different Landscape

This painting was born through me throwing on a blank canvas paint left over from another painting. Someone commented that they liked my new style!! So »

It Isn't Portugal

This is one of the paintings that I'm trying to complete at the moment so you can watch the progress. The idea came from a visit »

What Artists Eat

While I have a day or two off writing the blog I thought I would give you something completely different to read. Its all about what »

Doing a bit of thinking

Falling way behind in my blogging this week so please enjoy an article by Abigail Cain on Dealing with Creative Block? A Deck of Cards Might »

The Archibald Prize

Following on from Ben Quilty's portrait of Margaret Olley a little more information on the Archibald Prize. This is an excellent summary of the finalists and »


I'm recovering from a heavy cold so no blog today. I'll be back tomorrow with more on Ben Quilty. »

For the Music Lovers

While I'm doing my research on our next topic I thought I would extend our scope into music as I know several of my subscribers have »

Down Town

Down Town is the painting I produced in my Painting Along with Anne Newman videos posted on Facebook at Anne-Newman-Artist. Its a fun painting featuring a »

Still Researching

Sorry but I'm still not ready to show you the murals painted by Diego Rivera. Been a bit busy with other activities not least of which »