Peter Paul Rubens

It seemed appropriate to show you the works of Peter Paul Rubens after the Brueghels as he had such close associations with the family. Sir Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640) was another Flemish artist and the most influential in the Flemish Baroque tradition. He was a highly educated man and knighted for his works by both Philip IV of Spain and Charles I of England. In comparison to Pieter Bruegel the Elder's limited number of paintings, Rubens painted prolifically. This is a self portrait.
I love the portraits done by Rubens, one of my favourites being Head of an old woman.
And I love the way he combines the young and old in his subjects, emphasising the everlasting bond as shown in Old woman and boy with candles.
And also in Old woman with a basket of coal.

To be honest I'm not so keen on the works arising from classical and Christian history though I do have to acknowledge Ruben's artistic brilliance and skill in achieving movement in the image. Close up you can see the genius at work.
And look at the sensuality in Pan and Syrinx and the way Rubens has captured the drama going on in this Greek myth.

Sadly I have run out of time this week but I am sure we will return to look more thoroughly at the works of Peter Paul Rubens.

There will be a break in the blogs for about four days as I have a very busy weekend coming up visiting art galleries, painting and socialising. You will receive something each morning but at this stage I haven't decided what. Certainly a couple of cartoons I would think and perhaps an article or two to read.

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