I’m getting ready to start my next painting as “Windows on a Time” is nearly finished. Check it out if you are following the birth of this painting.

My next painting is going to be of a town and invite you to join me. I’ve already painted several “towns” so today I want to share my ideas about towns with you. I'm very keen on miner's cottages so I assure you there will be some in the painting.

ActivityCheck out these Townscapes from Pinterest for ideas.

If you are going to paint along with me you will need a canvas board approx 91cm (w) X 61cm (h). The paints you will need to start are: white, cobalt blue, Payne’s grey, cadmium red, raw Umber, raw sienna, cadmium yellow.  You can use acrylic paints though I paint in oils. For brushes buy a cheap set of 3 or 4 flats of varying sizes and the same for rounds. Don't spend any money on expensive paints or brushes at this stage.