Last week's reflection encouraged you to look up into the trees and study the beauty of leaves. And so I've been thinking we should look even higher - up into the sky - the night sky.

We camped at this camp site which is called Canvas Under Moab that is close to Arches National Park. It was 11:30 PM. We checked in and get settled down. When looked up, we were astounded by how clear it was to see the full sky of stars. I grabbed my gear and took shots continuously. I am glad that we booked this.
Photo by Wei Pan / Unsplash

As most of us live in cities we don't see the beauty of the starry canopy which floats above us giving us an amazing display of colours and shapes: evoking our emotions so strongly.

Bloody Moon
Photo by Altınay Dinç / Unsplash
Photo by Casey Horner / Unsplash
the heavens
Photo by Alexander Andrews / Unsplash
We are so small compared to the inconceivably vast universe. When looking into the milky way you wonder what else is out there. The universe we live in is incredible ❤️
Photo by Benjamin Davies / Unsplash

Please spend a few moments to view the night sky from Chile. You will be amazed.

Take care and take a moment to reflect on your place in this beautiful world.

Photo by Greg Rakozy / Unsplash