Following on from Jane's Escape to Iceland our reflection today is to bring you more images of the amazing natural spectacle known as The Northern Lights.

Please click on the link below to see some stunning images of The Northern Lights brought to us by National Geographic.

Take a moment to reflect on the magical elements that make up our natural world.

7 Magical Places to View Auroras
These tips will give you the best shot at experiencing the enchantment of the northern and southern lights.
After days of cold, cloud and rain we packed up for our last night in Iceland. We had come to meet Aurora but as many will know it’s not guaranteed. There had been nothing more than a hint of green in the sky for 6 days. But some of the most beautiful things in life happen when we least expect it. As we stared up at this beautiful mountain the sky started to clear and there she was. There’s nothing like it. Watching green waves ripple above you. curving and twisting as if the sky is dancing for you. It’s moments like these that are worth chasing. Worth working for. Worth waiting for.
Photo by Joshua Earle / Unsplash
Being all alone, during several hours on an icy cold beach on Lofoten islands, watching the northern lights unfold in the sky - there’s not much that can compete with that :)

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Photo by Johny Goerend / Unsplash
Photo by Benjamin Suter / Unsplash
Iceland’s Magic
Photo by Balazs Busznyak / Unsplash
Green stripes behind the rock
Photo by Jonatan Pie / Unsplash