Reindeer and Boomers

I've been thinking about other creatures that work hard at this time of the year and my mind immediately went to the reindeer who work for Santa travelling enormous distances around the world. They are beautiful creatures.

Can't stop to talk. I'm in training. Pulling a sleigh takes a lot of strength. (Wikipedia)

*As corporate bosses we always get the office staff to handle Christmas deliveries. They do such a good job. * (Mental Floss)

I'm not quite sure if I believe in all this fuss. I'm thinking about being a conscientious objector- to doing the work that is, not to receiving the presents. It would be offensive not to accept all the presents. (Smithsonian Magazine)

What day do we have to be finished by? I'm not sure that is possible. It's very complicated you see, to get the teams around the globe in such a short time. And with the terrible weather, almost impossible. On the other hand we haven't failed yet. I'll speak to the meteorologists and see what can be done to move some of the cold air elsewhere! (Smithsonian Magazine)

I'm sure we left the sleigh somewhere around here. Use that 'Find your Sleigh' App on your phone. What do you mean, you left your phone at home?

(The Economist)

Of course DownHere we don’t have reindeer, we have boomers to do the work for Santa.

I have a baby to look after. I haven't time to work for Santa. (Credit: Australian Wildlife Protection Council)

Who Me? I don't think so. I don't like the cold! (Northern Star)

Okay Barry. Off you go. At least you look like you belong in the Arctic. (National Geographic)

As for me? Am I helping? No - still resting up!!

And I have just seen on the evening news Santa swimming underwater with sharks at the Melbourne Aquarium!! I am definitely not doing that!!

Advent 20 December

I'm an owl. I know how a sleigh works and the logistics of moving all the gifts around the world. Sorry I don't do manual labour!

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