Rumination and Contemplation

We have been looking at the relationship between words and art but mainly from the perspective of the art. I want to turn this topic on its head and look at words that can be associated with art. The words rumination and contemplation immediately conjure up in my mind The Thinker created by Auguste Rodin. Perhaps you are thinking of a different work of art.

I have a young friend who is a writer, an exceptionally good writer. His name is Ibrahim Khudeira and his website Rumination and Contemplation is a window onto his thoughts. With his agreement I am going to take a piece of his writing and interpret the words with a painting. The intention is not to illustrate Ibrahim’s words but to offer a graphic reflection of his message as I perceive it. Today Ibrahim and I will share three pieces of his writing.

For this piece I immediately thought of the works by Pablo Picasso and after much consideration have chosen Girl Before a Mirror painted in 1903.

(Credit: pablopicasso)

Next some prose about hope.

For this piece I have chosen Hope by English symbolist George Frederic Watts (1817–1904).

And finally, Ibrahim's writing about love.
Hugó Scheiber (1873 - 1950) was a Hungarian modernist painter. I think his Couple Smoking Cigarettes could well be the couple Ibrahim is writing about.

Send in your favourite piece of short writing and I’ll interpret it with a work of art.

Anne Newman

Oil Painter in realistic genre style, predominantly buildings and people. To continue the discussion contact Anne on or phone +61 407 516 522

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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