Street Art

A little interlude before we return to Art and Words which is turning out to be a very interesting topic.

Subscribers M&R of Wheelers Hill sent me a video of a wonderful set of street paintings. Unfortunately the blog software doesn't provide for video shows ( I must speak to Matt the Webmaster about this) so I have chosen a few to show case here. Credit for the images: Street-Art et immeubles peints, riquet77570, Trompoe l'oeil Mcht.pps.
I think if you follow this link you can see the full set of street art on video. My apologies if the link doesn't work..

Also in the post is some mail from Jane who is travelling in Taiwan. Today I will show you some remarkable sculptures from Hualien in the central east, near Taroko Gorge, which is composed mainly of marble. The town which is not especially attractive is dotted with sculptures.
This is the Taroko Gorge and Jane looking glamorous.

And from Kenting, Taiwan where the police have a sense of humour.
And I'm aware they can have heavy rain in Taiwan but this bus shelter is a bit of a concern!

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