I love it when I get feedback from the Blog Subscribers. Here is some of the news from our Blog Base.

I have been to Sri Lanka and have seen a leopard but unfortunately a very, very long way in the distance. It is a very beautiful island and I can recommend a visit. The people are wonderful, the food for those of you who like hot and spicey is incredible and the scenery breathtaking.  

D. in Bendigo works in the tourist industry and keeps me up to date with Art Happenings in Bendigo, the most Artistic Country Centre in Australia. She sent me this link to this incredible artist Frankie O (O’Toole) who is having a One Drawing a Day Exhibition at the moment. You can check her out on Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/onedrawingadaybyfrankieo/
And on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/onedrawingaday.byFrankieO/
I will be doing a Blog feature on Frankie O very soon.

Here we see Frida at her easel watched over by her husband Diego Rivera. Their’s was a tumultuous marriage, rivals yet respectful of each other’s talent.

J has also updated me on the arch of the Azure window in Gozo that I featured a couple of days ago, J is one of the subscribers who has visited Malta and saw the arch but has now sadly reported the arch has fallen down! Similar to our Apostles along The Great Ocean Road (Victoria) which now number seven!

I also didn’t know that Mdina  (Malta’s old capital) is known as the silent city and usually (according to J) you only hear church bells and the clip clop of the local Karozzin (horse drawn carriages) as no vehicles are allowed.

According to J., Valetta’s St John’s Co-Cathedral is an artistic gold mine, filled with amazing art works. And with that in mind, J has written a Blog for us on St John’s which introduces us to the artist Mattia Preti who was responsible for many of the paintings in the baroque churches of Malta.

And so until tomorrow when the Blog will be from the hand of J. of Sandringham, my new 2IC.