Suburban Night Life continued

I've had excellent feedback regarding the American Suburban Artists we considered a couple of blogs back. Remember Leonard Koscianski and his paintings of suburban houses with dogs in the yards? I went searching for an answer to why Koscianski included them. Unfortunately I haven't found an answer though I have discovered he likes to paint dogs and other creatures as illustrated in the Hero Image today. And as you can see there is a wildness to the birds, in this case, in contrast to the gentle, engaging photo of Leonard. I found this rather realistic view of wild animals, titled Wild Dogs, amongst his paintings and I'm relieved the suburban dogs were a little less frightening.
But back to his paintings of Suburban Life which I find totally enthralling. There is a naivety about his work which is particularly appealing for anyone who likes this style.
Many of his paintings are set in nigh time even The Skaters who are enjoying themselves with the light of the moon.

The church is repeated many times but again it was impossible to find out the narrative which would enable us to move a little closer to knowing this artist. This painting is titled Blue Morning.
We have certainly learnt that Leonard Koscianski see suburban life through different eyes to many of us as illustrated in From the Window.

A little teaching point. The above painting was done using Tempera which is made from ground dry pigments, egg yolk and water to create a permanent, fast-drying medium. It is a very, very old technique used right back in medieval times. It's not flexible so cant be used on canvas as it will crack. One of its main advantages is that the paint applied in this way will not yellow with age. A number of C20th American artists have used it extensively including Andrew Wyeth whom we will meet along the way.

Let's conclude today with a couple more of Leonard Koscianski's paintings. First Summer in the City which is interesting as it doesn't feel that warm to me even though he has moved out into the daylight.

And this one, Bend in the Road, is hot off the easel completed in May 2018 and back into the night and the flashes of light to create a sense of habitation and perhaps mystery.

I've done a little more research and these artists which I have loosely categorised as Suburban Artists fall, most likely, into what is known as the Regionalist Style. I think this style is more to do with rural scenes as created by the likes of Andrew Wyeth but further research is required.

As a painter I am only too aware that I become a little obsessed with showing you paintings rather than other forms of art. To amend my ways and to send J of Sandringham on her next trip, into outback Australia, I will feature some great Aussie sculptures in my next blog.

Anne Newman

Oil Painter in realistic genre style, predominantly buildings and people. To continue the discussion contact Anne on or phone +61 407 516 522

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