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I didn’t know of Natalie Ryan until I was introduced to her through D of Bendigo and I’m so pleased to bring you the works of this textile designer, illustrator and Sunday Gardener. Having a close connection with the earth has had an important influence on the style of Natalie Ryan:
(Credit: natalieryan.com.au)

Here we see a paper collage work of an Apple Tree.
(Credit: natalieryan.com.au)

And as illustrated here in Secret Garden: artwork of interwoven leaves painted in watery shades of blue.

(Credit: natalieryan.com.au)

Natalie explains this love of nature:

Growing up on a farm in country Victoria, my love of drawing and painting plants and nature began at an early age. Winter Sunday afternoon drives with my grandparents introduced me to local wildflowers such as Billy Buttons, Wax-lip orchids , Golden Guineas and Pink Heath. Here are the Billy Buttons on one of her greeting cards. How many of you remember collecting Billy Buttons when out on that walk with our parents? Haven't times changed!

(Credit: natalieryan.com.au)

Natalie completed a BA in Textile Design at RMIT, Melbourne and has worked in textile design studios in Sydney, London and Melbourne. She has designed printed and woven fabrics for bed linen, soft furnishings, tea towels.
(Credit: natalieryan.com.au)

Greeting cards- below is her Box Gum card.
(Credit: natalieryan.com.au)

Giclee Prints are also available: Below is A myriad of butterflies, painted in watercolour. I designed this print with a nursery in mind - the rainbow palette stimulates an infant's perception of colour, and can be utilised as a colour name learning tool. The many watercolour hues will easily mix and match with a variety of nursery and girl's bedroom decor.
(Credit: natalieryan.com.au)

Printed bed linen design featuring delft blue water colour flowers on a white ground.
(Credit: natalieryan.com.au)

And how about this Amazing Amazon linen for your kid's bedroom.
(Credit: natalieryan.com.au)

Or this, if you would like to be Down on the Farm.

Natalie Ryan's designs for linen for children are fabulous.

If you are interested please check out the range of products at Natalie Ryan's online store at: www.meanderdesigns.com.au

The words that come to mind as I look at the prodigious output of Natalie Ryan are creative, nature loving and versatile. Her illustrations are delightful.
(Credit: natalieryan.com.au)

She has even designed a pencil case with a design inspired by the beautiful textiles, butterflies and flowers Natalie came across in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
(Credit: natalieryan.com.au)

Some of Natalie’s work has been on a much larger scale as shown in her Kangaroo Paw Screen at ONE70 RAILWAY PARADE
Earlier in 2013 I was approached by an architectural practice who were looking to create a perforated aluminium screen for a local government office building in Perth. Their client was after an image closely associated with Western Australia, and they came across my Kangaroo Paw design on my website. (Credit: natalieryan.com.au)

Natalie Ryan's design studio is located in an old farmhouse with a traditional iron lace clad veranda, surrounded by a rambling country garden first planted by my great grandparents in the early 1900's. Every Meander design is painted from life, so any gaps in the garden beds are slowly being filled up with native plantings (and future subject matter) such as Kangaroo Paws, Wattles, Boronias, Banksias and Grevilleas. My online portfolio can be viewed at www.natalieryan.com.au and for any freelance textile design / illustration enquiries please drop me a line at: natalie@meanderdesigns.com.au

Postscript 1

Giclee derives from the French word meaning to squirt and is pronounced Zee-Clay and refers to a high quality digital print.

Postscript 2

I have learnt that we have two artists in Victoria with the name Natalie Ryan. The other Natalie Ryan explores themes that surround the aesthetic representation of the cadaver and natural sciences throughout Western history and their inclusion in contemporary art. (natalieryan.net) Maybe I'll tackle this artist a little later.

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