Fowey (pronounced Foy) on the south coast of Cornwall is a delightful town where the buildings cling prcariously to the side of the steep cliffs which prevent them slipping into the beautiful Fowey Estuary.

Our reflection for this weekend is to observe the changing morning and evening light as it touched this Cornish gem.

If you have nothing better to do this weekend you might like to go for an evening stroll around Fowey.


From Jane

  Hi Anne
  Loved today’s blog and you’re right - the corner store is dying out - such a 
  shame. We had 3 near our place when I was growing up in Sydney and one that had 
  closed down many years before right next to our house - still with the old shop 

  The South Korean  paintings by Me Kyeoungare are beautiful - so peaceful and 
  graceful - on my list for when I go there in March! 

  Ariela Wertheimer was interesting too - loved all the colour. On my list for 
  when I’m in Tel Aviv - also next year!!

Ariela Wertheimer has been a hit with M of Wheelers Hill, E in London and Kevin in Sydney also all liking her works very much. I will do some research and see if I can find some more of her works to show you.

You can see that Jane is off on some more trips! In fact she is off to Thailand very soon and we expect her to educate us about the Thai art scene.

And speaking of travellers- Caroline is taking it easy on Hawaii and sent this mail.

 ANNE - loved the corner store, we had 3 on various corners in our 
 youth...brought back so many memories including cobbers, bananas, musk sticks 

A great place to have fun and relax.

And from the Outriggers Restaurant these images.