The sun is shining so, sorry no blog!

You will be getting an update tomorrow from Jane about her travels in the UK but in the meantime if you are living somewhere the sun is not shining here is an article from Artsy for you to read and ponder upon. The article is about an Image Library that is housed in the New York Public Library’s iconic Stephen A. Schwarzman Building.

It has been used by creative people for over 100 years including Diego Rivera who apparently *sourced images from the Picture Collection for his controversial Rockefeller Center mural,Man at the Crossroads (1934). I spoke about this mural a few blogs back.

Also documentary photographer Dorothea Lange apparently was an avid patron befriending the collection’s beloved librarian Romana Javitz and writing to her in a letter in 1965 saying: It would be very fine, very fine indeed, if we could spend a Picture-Lovers afternoon together.

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