Tidying up a few ends, Lands End that is

I want to return to Cornwall, not only because I have Cornish DNA but because I have become interested in the wealth of artists who have visited or lived in Cornwall. Turner visited St Ives in 1811, the American artist Whistler visited as did Walter Sickert.

It is claimed that Turner was the first artist to capture the incredible light of Cornwall. I don't know if this is true but his expertise in capturing the transitory effects of light and atmospheric conditions is probably without equal. Here Turner has captured the ruggedness of the Cornish coast in "Boscastle".
And this is "Saltash with the Water Ferry" which illustrates his brilliance in painting the light which I have heard claimed is different to anywhere else on earth.

If you're interested in Turner there is an interesting record of his sketches of Cornwall on this site from the Tate. Unfortunately the quality is not good but well worth a look. (http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/turner-lands-end-cornwall-d36324)

Turner's interest in Cornwall is credited with influencing other artists to move to Cornwall and by the 1920s establishment of the Cornish art colonies at St Ives and the not so well known Newlyn in the late 1880s. After WW1 Cornwall had become an established home for artists and today claims the largest concentration of artists outside London.

Walter Sickert visited St Ives, Cornwall in the mid 1880s with Whistler, Sickert had become his student and you can see Whistler's influence in some of Sickert's work. Here is his painting of "Clodgy Point" in Cornwall.
And here is "The Angry Sea" by Whistler which I think might have been painted in France not Cornwall.

With Sickert and Whistler on this painting trip to Cornwall was a little known Australian painter, Mortimer Menpes, who is probably our first internationally celebrated artist. We will have a look at his work in another Blog.

Tomorrow we are going to look at the work of the artist Mary Jewels who lived and worked in Newlyn, Cornwall.

Don't forget to let me know if there is any particular art topic or question you would like me to discuss.

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