(Credit: atlasobscura.com)

As it’s Unbridled Friday I thought it appropriate to bring you some magnificent and sometimes terrifying cloud formations from Unbridled Storms.

(Credit: educateinspirechange.org)

The 17th century philosopher René Descartes pragmatically observed that humans were naturally more impressed by things above them than below them.

(Credit: atlasobscura.com)

You might enjoy watching these remarkable unbridled natural phenomena forming.

Storm Clouds Forming 
(Credit: GeekWire)
(Credit: Faith Roth)

                        **TO DO LIST FOR THE WEEKEND**
  1. Look Up
  2. Watch the clouds
  3. Observe the different colours and tones
  4. Observe the different shapes and formations
  5. Have a go at painting some clouds
  6. Relax under a cloud