Yesterday I introduced you to air painting and today I learnt something from my friend the photographer Darron Davies. With the help of photographer Gjon Mili Picasso created some paintings with a light - "drawings of pure light on a canvas of air." Check them out here-they are incredible.  Picasso's light paintings

Art in a Nursing Home for Today    

1.Talk to the residents about Picasso's light paintings and show them the images. Using a piece of plain paper, let the residents "doodle" with a pencil on their paper pretending to be Picasso creating a light painting.      

2.Have the residents air paint a gum tree. Start with the trunk which gets thinner and thinner as you go up the tree. Have them put in several branches starting from the trunk getting narrower as the branch moves away from the trunk. Put on some leaves which form an umbrella like shape on gum trees.Have them air draw three umbrella shapes across the top of the "tree" and then fill in the imaginary shape with long, thin leaves.      

3.Repeat the drawing of the gum tree using pencil and paper.